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Whoever qualifies as a good home loan is individual, relative, everyone else has the right choice based on the characteristics of the loan.

Previously, we have selected lower interest rates and installments. Nowadays, in the credit market, we can browse and browse through countless home loans. The interest environment has changed and the installment payable is where the winner is quicker, and balanced reliability is the key. Today, the interest rate environment is far below normal, so appreciated security and the example of foreign currency lenders show that those who choose a loan that guarantees a relatively low repayment installment at the end of the term are well selected.

What financial institutions are offering from fixed-rate home loans

What financial institutions are offering from fixed-rate home loans

Most of them have maturities of 10, 15 and 20 years and have an interest period.

In our example, for a loan amount of HUF 10 million, for the purchase of a second-hand home, the monthly income and active cash flow over HUF 250 thousand and the transfer of income. If the loan amount is higher, the repayment will also change.

10-year term, 10-year interest rate

  • If you want to take out a home loan with unchanged installments for 10 years, you can do so at UniCredit at the best interest rate. They start with a 3.35% interest rate and a repayment installment of around HUF 99,000. There is a significant difference between the best offer and the 5th best offer, which is $ 730,000 in the total repayment amount.

15 years maturity, 15 years interest rate

15 years maturity, 15 years interest rate

  • We also find the lowest interest rate at UniCredit for 15 years. They start at 3.35% and pay off at $ 200. Here, too, there is a significant difference between banks.

20 years maturity, 20 years interest rate

  • The most diverse values ​​are found in fixed rate loans for up to 20 years. Here K&H came in first, where the total repayment amount is almost HUF 2.5 million lower than OTP. UniCredit and MKB also offer such credit.

The safest mortgage loan with a fixed installment over 20 years with an interest rate of 4.9% to 6.7% and a monthly installment of HUF 65,000 to HUF 76,000 in the original $ 10 million for a home loan.

It is worth looking at each bank as well


As the total repayments of the first and fifth best deals, for example, can be up to $ 150,000 and up to $ 1.4 million.

If you would like to take out a home loan or are seriously interested in your options, call our credit broker to help you make a professional decision!

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