How can you borrow reasonably?

At the end of the year, social campaigns aiming at financial education of Poles and encouraging them to borrow money sensibly are gaining momentum. Although the majority of borrowers (over 90%) pay their debts reliably and on time, there are also those who are in financial trouble.

The problem was noticed 

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Among others Conference of Financial Enterprises, bringing together financial companies, including several loan companies. KPF initiated the “Credit 2.0 – Good Consumer Practices” campaign. The Association of Polish Consumers and the Association for Promoting Financial Education also participate in it. 

The goal of the campaign is not only education – also direct help (advice) for people in a difficult situation resulting from imprudent borrowing. On behalf of the lenders actual activities related to the conclusion of credit or loan agreements (acceptance of applications, presentation of offers, collection and processing of personal data, identification and verification of identity, receipt of consents and statements) and in some cases the authorization to perform legal actions concluding credit or loan agreements on behalf of the lender.

It is also worth paying attention

money cash

Tthe ongoing media campaign ‘Don’t be fooled. Check before you sign. ” Seven public institutions participate in the campaign: the Bank Guarantee Fund, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the National Bank of Poland, the Police and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

And this is to translate into an increase in the client’s position in dealing with the insurance company – including the choice of the company that they want to use to secure the loan.  Therefore, we offer you our fast loans.

Even companies offering so-called “Jineras Personal Loan.” One of the market leaders – Wonga – first commissioned a survey on reasonable money borrowing, and then began implementing a program of benefits for customers who pay their debts reliably. Let us add that the largest loan companies, like banks, use data from economic information offices (e.g. BIK), checking the credit history of their potential clients.


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