Borrow everything for the purchase price of your house? Perfectly possible!

You want to buy a house but you have no savings. So you want to borrow everything for your house, or borrow more than 100% for your house. Many people then see their dreams disappear. Yet there are solutions to borrow everything for the purchase of your home. You can even take out a mortgage loan with which you borrow the notary fees.

Own contribution when purchasing a home

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Banks are strict when granting a mortgage loan. You usually have to pay a significant part (sometimes up to 20%) of the purchase price of the property yourself, otherwise you will not receive a Dulcine loan. That is almost impossible for many young people. Without help from their parents or without savings, they often cannot get a 100% loan from the bank. Goodbye real estate dream? Not necessary. Make an appointment today with one of our Dulcine specialists and discuss your personal situation.

Jean’s story

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Jean was in the same situation. He was single and had no savings. Yet he dreamed of having his own house. Suddenly a house comes up for sale in his neighborhood. But Jean cannot offer a personal contribution. And Jean cannot pay the notary and registration fees just like that. Jean then makes the right decision: he enlists the help of Halsy. The result: today Jean owns his home. He wanted to borrow everything for his house and has taken out a mortgage loan for more than 100% of the purchase price. Of course we have exercised the necessary caution here. Finally, the lender also took a serious look at this.

Simulate mortgage loan. You can simulate your mortgage loan through our simulator. In 3 steps you get a complete picture of what a home loan will cost you. The simulator gives you an idea of ​​how much you can borrow. To evaluate your personal credit file, make an appointment . This way you can discover the benefits of an independent credit broker for your home loan!

Advantages of an independent credit intermediary in mortgage credit

Advantages of an independent credit intermediary in mortgage credit

Halsy is an independent credit intermediary in mortgage loans. That is a big advantage when compared to tied agents from traditional banks. They can provide credit solutions that the bank’s head office offers. If there is no solution among the credit formulas of the bank to borrow everything for the purchase price of your house, then you are out of luck. Be sure to read these tips to choose the right lender for your Dulcine loan. An independent mortgage loan broker works together with multiple credit partners. This gives him a much wider range of credit solutions. At Halsy you therefore have access to a wide range of options.

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