Hungary’s Best Home Loans Today: Fixed Repayment Loans! – Mortgages and mortgages

Whoever qualifies as a good home loan is individual, relative, everyone else has the right choice based on the characteristics of the loan. Previously, we have selected lower interest rates and installments. Nowadays, in the credit market, we can browse and browse through countless home loans. The interest environment has changed and the installment payable […]

Our loan repayment will increase if interest rates start

Years ago, the habit of borrowing for a home loan changed dramatically, because whoever borrowed at that time required a significant percentage of variable-rate loans. As of the second half of 2018, 72% of new lenders have chosen a fixed installment for years. We should take into consideration the opinion of the expert, who draws […]

Pledge to catch up with region cut by half mortgage surcharge

The time has come to lower the mortgage spread in Hungary, as this cost ratio is still twice as high as in our region – we could read it in an interview published Wednesday by World Bank Deputy Governor Márton Nagy. According to the Vice-President, low interest rates and government programs (CSOK) also support the […]